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Name WATANABE Daisuke
Official Title Lecturer
Affiliation Educational Methods based on Pedagogical Content, Teaching Plan, Science Education
Profile  My specialty is Educational Methodology based on Educational Content research. There are various methods of research. Among them,I am interested in theoretical and practical research related to the development of curriculum and teaching plans in Science Education.In order to acquire the essence of academics and culture accumulated over millions of years in just a few tens of hours, it is necessary to have a fun and understandable Teaching plan that allows children to enjoy the essence.
 When aiming to develop such a Teaching plan, what is the essence of learning and culture is asked in the first place.However, the discussion about its essence is not prepared in a form that can be presented to children as it is.
 What is the natural sciences, what is chemistry, what is a chemical reactionーThese questions are super difficult.
 Nevertheless, we believe that we need to meet the rigorous demands of learners by studying deeply. Therefore, while theoretically and practically developing educational methodology research as "a study that grasps the essence of learning" or "a study that continues to ask what is the basics / basics", we answer specific issues in science education. I want to do it.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. (1)Development of Teacing plans in the chemistry education curriculum

    The purpose of this study is to extract the requirements of educational content by evaluating conventional educational practices, and to develop educational content and teaching material composition based on chemistry theory that is onsidered to be effective for chemistry education.In recent years, through the examination of chemical theory by Kinzaburo Takahashi, we have reviewed the existing educational content and are developing theoretical and practical research on new educational content and teaching material composition.

Representative Papers
  1. (1)Teaching Contents for High School Chemistry Education: Distinction between Alkyl and Functional Groups, Japanese Journal of Psychology in Teaching and Learning, 2014, 10, 43-57
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) (1)National Association for the Study of Educational Methods (member)
(2)The Japanese Association of Psychology in Teaching and Learning(Auditor)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Educational Methods and Techniques, Natural Science Teaching Methodology