Name HEIHO Aya
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Fuculty of Environmental Studies
Profile Aya Heiho is an associate professor in the Faculty of Environmental Studies, Tokyo City University starting April 2023. She received PhD Environmental Studies from Yokohama National University in 2016, and then was a researcher at Presidential Endowed Chair for “Platinum Society”, the University of Tokyo until March 2023. During 2015 to 2017, she worked as a JSPS Research Fellow for Young Scientists on life cycle assessment and input-output analysis for the promotion of biomass utilization. In recent years, she also worked on technology and/or system evaluation for renewable energy, resource recycling, and municipal health promotion projects. Currently, she is developing evaluation research for social implementation of technologies and/or systems, focusing on lifecycle assessment, which is expected to develop and be applied in various fields.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Life Cycle Environmental Engineering

    To provide solutions to complex environmental and social issues, it is important to take a holistic view of things, to develop innovative technologies and systems, and to establish assessment methodologies. Life Cycle Environmental Engineering supports better choices and decision-making by comprehensively evaluating social implementation of technologies and/or systems to solve various environmental and social issues based on life cycle thinking.

Representative Papers
  1. Aya Heiho, Izuru Suwa, Yi Dou, Soowon Lim, Takao Namihira, Taketoshi Koita, Kazuhiro Mochidzuki, Shinsuke Murakami, Ichiro Daigo, Chiharu Tokoro, Yasunori Kikuchi (2023) "Prospective life cycle assessment of recycling systems for spent photovoltaic panels by combined application of physical separation technologies", Resources, Conservation and Recycling 192 106922
  2. Ryoko Shimono, Misa Horiuchi, Aya Heiho, Yasunori Kikuchi, Tatsuya Okubo (2022) "Method to derive check points for process managemant in health promotion projects by local gorvernment: Case study of an awareness event", Journal if the Japanese society for Quality Control, 52(4), 41-52
  3. Yasunori Kikuchi, Izuru Suwa, Aya Heiho, Yi Dou, Soowon Lim, Takao Namihira, Kazuhiro Mochidzuki, Taketoshi Koita, Chiharu Tokoro (2021) "Separation of cathode particles and aluminum current foil in lithium-ion battery by high-voltage pulsed discharge Part II: Prospective life cycle assessment based on experimental data", Waste Management 132 86-95
  4. Aya Heiho, Yasunori Kikuchi (2021) "Creating a flow chart based on the historical record of the construction and application of the regional input-outpu tables in municipalities", Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan, 17(3), 174-192
  5. Yi Dou, Aya Heiho, Izuru Suwa, Yuichiro Kanematsu, Yasunori Kikuchi (2021) "Life cycle assessment of emerging technologies for regional implementation", Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan, 17(3), 167-173
  6. Yasunori Kikuchi, Aya Heiho, Yi Dou, Izuru Suwa, I-Ching Chen, Yasuhiro Fukushima, Chiharu Tokoro (2020) "Defining Requirements on Technology Systems Assessment from Life Cycle Perspectives: Cases on Recycling of Photovoltaic and Secondary Batteries", International Journal of Automation Technology 14(6) 890-908
  7. Aya Heiho, Ryoko Shimono, Misa Horiuchi, Tatsuya Okubo, Yasunori Kikuchi (2020) "Input-output analysis of a health promotion event in Wakayama prefecture", Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan, 16(2), 130-142
  8. Aya Heiho, Yuichiro Kanematsu, Mei Nagase, Shinsuke Murakami, Chiharu Tokoro, Yasunori Kikuchi (2019) "Life cycle assessment of resource recovery from waste electrical and electronic equipment: A case study of Tantalum recovery by chain-using drum-typed impact mill", Kagaku kogaku ronbunshu, 45(6), 244-252
  9. Aya Heiho, Hiroki Hondo, Yue Moriizumi (2015), "Social Life Cycle Assessment of Biomass Projects Focusing on Employment Changes in Regions", Journal of the Japan Institute of Energy, 94(2), 159-169
  10. Aya Heiho, Hiroki Hondo, Yuki Kudoh (2014), "Practical Use of Input-output Tables to Estimate GHG Emissions from Biomass Plant Construction" Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, Japan, 10(1), 13-24
Award The ILCAJ Best Paper Award (2015), Aya Heiho et al. "Practical use of input-output tables to estimate GHG emissions from biomass plant construction"
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Research Grants/Projects including subsidies, donations, grants, etc. Environment Research and Technology Development Fund (JPMEERF20233R04) of the Environmental Restoration and Conservation Agency of Japan (2023-2025)
"Life cycle thinking for promotion of biomass resource recycling with a focus on social acceptability"
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) The Institute of Life Cycle Assessment (Regular)
The Japan Institute of Energy (Regular)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Environmental Marketing, Mathematics for Management
Education Field (Graduate level) Assessment Methods and Indicators for Economy Environment