Name MORI Tomoko
Official Title Associate Professor
Affiliation Environmental Management and Sustainabilty, Environmental Studies
Profile Dr. Tomoko Mori is an associate professor of Tokyo City University. Ph.D. (Environmentology). She completed the doctoral program at the University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences. She has experience working at the Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. and the National Institute for Environmental Studies.
She conducts large-scale questionnaire surveys, interview surveys, and educational case studies to research the challenges and prospects of environmental education in Japan. She now works with schoolteachers and non-profit organizations to develop environmental education programs for promoting civic action.
She is also researching disaster waste management and developing human resource training programs for local government officials to properly dispose of disaster waste.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. Citizenship education, Education for sustainable development, Sustainability transition, Waste management

    The research includes: Public participation in policy, Consensus building, Promotion of civic action, Disaster waste, Radioactive waste, Plastic problem, Sustainable fashion

Representative Papers
  1. Mori T., Boontinand V., Tasaki T. (2021) 『Designing Educational Programs to Promote Environmental Civic Actions in Japan and Thailand: The Case of Renewable Energy』Japanese Journal of Environmental Education 31(2) 2, 25-37.
  2. Mori T., Tajima R. (2021) 『Strategy to Promote Residents’ Behaviors for Appropriate Disaster Waste Management』Global Environmental Research 24(2), 267-274.
  3. Mori T., Tasaki T. (2019) 『Factors influencing pro-environmental collaborative collective behaviors toward sustainability transition - a case of renewable energy』 Environmental Education Research, 25 (4), 566-584
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Recruitment of research assistant(s) No
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) Japanese Society for Environmental Education (regular member)
North American Association for Environmental Education (regular member)
Japan Society of Material Cycles and Waste Management (regular member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Environmental risk studies
Education Field (Graduate level) Environmental sociology, Sustainable corporate management, Global environmental isuues