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Name TAKAGI Shinsaku
Official Title Lecturer
Affiliation Natural Sciences
Profile I am a researcher of chemical physics on soft matter. In graduate school, we developed a new dynamic light scattering method based upon a principle completely different from conventional methods. I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in soft matter physics. Since arriving at Tokyo City University, I have been conducting research on dynamics and physical properties of soft matter such as colloids, gels, liquid crystals, and emulsions, using various experimental techniques including our new dynamic light scattering measurement system.
Research Field(Keyword & Summary)
  1. 1. Dynamic light scattering

    We have developed a new technique of dynamic light scattering based on the linear response theory. We regard the scattering signal as the response for the stimulus of dynamic optical grating.

  2. 2. Dynamics of soft matter

    Soft matter (Colloid, Emulsion, Liquid crystal, gel and so on) have various and unique properties such as viscoelasticity, optical anisotropy, slow dynamics etc. We are intersted in these characteristics and especially their microscopic origins. These properties will bring new products for our daily life.

Representative Papers
  1. 1. S. Sudo, M. Asano, T. Kuroiwa, S. Takagi, and S. Yagihara, Dielectric relaxation processes observed in hydroxypropyl cellulose-ethanol solutions, JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR LIQUIDS 384, 122247(2023).
  2. 2. S. Takagi and H. Tanaka, Multiple-scattering-free light scattering spectroscopy with mode selectivity, PHYSICAL REVIEW E81, 021401(2010).
  3. 3. S. Takagi and H. Tanaka, Mode-selective dynamic light scattering spectroscopy: Application to the isotropic phase of liquid crystals, PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 93, 257802(2004)
  4. 4. S. Takagi and H. Tanaka, Phase-coherent Rayleigh scattering method: Application to thermal diffusion mode , REVIEW OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTS 73, (2002)
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research Support: Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS)
Affiliated academic society (Membership type) The Physical Society of Japan (Regular member)
The Chemical Society of Japan (Regular member)
The Society of polymer Science, Japan (Regular member)
Education Field (Undergraduate level) Soft matter, Colloid, Emulsion, Liquid crystal, gel